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Harley Announcement – One Bike, Unlimited Colors

For Immediate Release:
Harley Davidson has released the next generation in motorcycle optics and they are calling it the Fission Optical Oriented Luminor System. The Fission System allows the motorcycle owner to change colors of the machine by the flick of a switch or twist of a knob.  No longer will an enthusiast be constrained to a single bike color.  Riders will be able to change the core color, depth and hue of a bike from the rider’s cockpit.
Before we get into the details, Beantown Baggers would like to thank the Motor Company for early access to the prototype motorcycle (and source of these photos) much as we were granted two years ago for the Livewire test rides.

A FISSION OF THE FUTURE “Years ago we introduced a speedometer/tachometer that allowed unlimited color choices by the rider.  This was one of our best selling aftermarket parts despite a reasonable investment to purchase the device.  We learned that riders wanted to change the color of their dash at their whim and thought: maybe they would like to do the same with their entire bikes!” said Ben Mohr of the Harley Davidson Prime Customization unit.Harley Davidson has done it again reshaping the world of motorcycling as they have done so many times in the past.  Harley calls on the concept of Fission it is a process of dividing or splitting something into many parts.  The Mo-Co leans on some pretty complex physics to minuscule beams of creating these paint schemes.

The technology behind the Fission-System sounds more like a scene out of Star Wars rather than a two-wheel roller you would see at Sturgis.

“The Fission System refracts light through an integrated pixel management array that functions within a cluster of microscopic mirrors located beneath the clear coat.  The reflective system consumes light and determines color density, saturation and drift to inform the interpretation by the human eye”.

The Palet-7 is a $1,999 upgrade on 2017 model allowing riders to change their bike’s color to seven preset colors.  Specific colors will be forthcoming.  We believe that Harley will program their basic paint color options into this package.  The motor company gave Beantown Baggers early access to the prototype model that includes an unlimited color option which in Mohr’s words will be “the pinnacle of customization” but pricing and specifics have not yet been disclosed.  Our suspicion is that the option will be available on CVO models only.

side by side 2

This is truly a game changer for the Milwaukee based motor company who has a history of product innovation and has built the premier platform for self expression and personalization. We are eager to see the production-ready Fission Optical Oriented Luminor System (FOOLS) motorcycles that will be on display at Sturgis in August.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 5.08.03 PM

Influence of the FOOLS technology

F-S Schema

Technical overview of Fission Component Array

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