Beantown Baggers is a site that features all that is good in the world – bikes, whiskey, cigars, roadtrips and more bikes! Visit for schedules, rallies, rides, parts reviews and general BS-ing about motorcycles.

We aren’t a club, not affiliated and don’t have any aspirations of becoming a club. We are a cross between a magazine and a community (think of it like a really big neighborhood where everybody rides motorcycles and we are the community newspaper).

We don’t make any money from this and really have no idea why we spend our time on it but it seems like a lot of people really like the content as well as events, so we’ll keep on writing.

Regardless – you have to respect the culture of people in New England who can only ride an average of 8-9 months per year but dream about riding all 12!

We have a number of writers who write about their adventures on the roads and are always looking for more writers. If you are interested in contributing, please email beantownbaggers@gmail.com with your thoughts and a writing sample.

If you feel we should write about a particular topic, specific shop or future event, please email us and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate. We are not connected to any shops or builders as we want to cover all community events and businesses to highlight bikes in New England.


One comment

  1. Mackthetransporter@yahoo.com

    Hey guys, Mack here , enjoyed the the whiteknucle ride, it is important on how fast it is to get 300 miles in a day and be home in time for dinner and dessert, awesome! Thanks

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