Beantown Baggers

Day 9 – Boise to Walla Walla

Knowing that today’s ride would only be 250 miles I would have time to enjoy a proper breakfast. Foursquare indicated that a local spot on Main St would have great coffee as well as breakfast burritos. Both sounded great to combat the hunger that may have contributed to yesterday’s weakness.

After packing and double checking my straps, I’d head over to the local restaurant only 3 blocks from my hotel.

The 20-something girl behind the counter took my order: 1 breakfast burrito, a shot of espresso, a cup of coffee, a fruit only smoothy and a full thermos of coffee= $15.43. Gotta love that price!

On the road for a short ride. The first stop was a rest area with a sign highlighting “rattlesnakes present”. Not encouraging especially when I saw dogs being walked on the unpaved area near the desert ground.

Today I would leave Idaho, drive through the majestic scenery of Oregon and enter the 106 degree Washington landscape.

After checking into a hotel that is far nicer than any biker should call home, I investigated the surrounding town. Main st was dead but a few vineyards were open (this place is apparently known for the wine). I went to Avani where the tasting professional poured a few tastes of their currently varietals. After engaging in short conversation we discussed the one varietal that was apparently out – the Rose. I shared some of my fondness for Rose based on a recent trip to Cannes. We talked about experiences in France and then my new friend magically found two more glasses of a sweet and delicious Rose that was perfectly fitting for the day’s climate.

After leaving the vineyard I’d take another trip down main street. Dead again. Let’s try the hotel bar…

The bar at the hotel was quiet as well but no matter, there was food and drink available.  This trip = low maintenance so being picky isn’t an option.

Inkeeping with my deal, with myself, I asked the bartender what he would eat if he were sitting at the bar. His recommendations were the Dry Rub Gator ribs and Fish Tacos.  Considering my last meal had been 10 hours ago and the sun had zapped all of my energy, indulgence was in order.  “I’ll take both, thank you”.  Coupled with a local Riesling it had the makings for a perfect meal.

After the first glass of wine my thirst wasn’t quite quenched, so I continued to eat the most delicious alligator I’ve ever had.  To be honest it’s only the second time I’ve had gator and the first time was fried so this isn’t much of an endorsement.

The bartender was entertaining and before I knew it the bar was shoulder to shoulder with Walla Walla locals.  John and Anna to my left and some random guy who spends half of his time in Tampa Bay to my left. John and Anna recently moved from LA as Anna has started a new job in Dentistry in Walla Walla.  Apparently the void of income tax in Washington is a very compelling reason for couples to relocate.  With this said, John kept his house in Orange county where he boasts of having 110 fruit trees on a magnificant patch of land.  Needless to say, I am a little jealous of the surroundings.

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