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Day 11 – A Day in Portland

Day 11: A full day in Portland
My day’s plans are simple:

1. Do a few hours of calls to get a jump on next week

2.Make the solo ride to the coast (aiming for
Cannon Beach which is 82 miles West of Portland). The primary reason is to close out my coast
to coast solo journey – my expectations are low but those are normally the best

3.Meet some old friends for a drink around 4PM in Hillsboro

4. Meet another group of old friends around 7PM in Portland

My ride to the coast started as it seems all rides have
started: Hot. 100+ degrees Hot. As I neared the coast and rode East on RT 26 the climate quickly changed. I found
myself cold despite wearing my leather.
Eventually I was shivering as it was close to 40 degrees and the trees
had me well shaded from any potentially warming sun.

Five miles from the coast the sky went dark and my glasses
became damp from the very low set fog covering the coastline. Apparently if Portland is hot it sucks all of
the moisture from the water and leaves a cloud over part of coastal RT 101. If there is an easterly breeze, the fog is pushed out to sea and RT 101 warms up.

I arrived in a small town where I later learned the 80’s
movie “Goonies” had been filmed. As I
took pictures of the rocks protruding from the water, I did start to recall
some scenes from the movie that were likely filmed where I stood.

At the shore I spent some time reflecting on the past 10 days as well as all of the time leading up to this trip.The bitter sweet departure of my 9 year stint at a single company, the support of so many friends and family, countless amazing people I met along the way – all of this made my journey possible and for that, I am thankful.

Even sitting on my bike, enjoying the spectacular view and taking in the completion of the solo aspect of my trip, I would meet more people who would contribute to my experience.

The first was a couple in their late sixties celebrating their one year anniversary. exactly one year ago today they were married no more than 15 feet from the space we currently occupied.

The second couple (Donald and Nancy) were apparently from Boston – Winthrop to be specific. They asked me to snap a picture of them and returned the favor. It is always interesting to travel clear across the country and meet somebody who lives a few miles from your home.

I rode back West and stopped in Hillsboro where three old
friends (we used to work together) met me at a McMeeken’s Roadhouse for a
beer. This roadhouse (and apparently all
of them by this brand) finds an old building and turns it into a comfortable
and friendly bar/restaurant. I would definitely
like to try one of the other locations in this line to see if they all have the same feel.

After this drink I went to Portland where I caught up with
four more people with whom I used to work.

I called it an early night due to all of the miles tomorrow and in the days to come.

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