Beantown Baggers

Welcome back to 2001… Douchebag!


This is the stupid shit that happened in 2001. These people rake the forks so that they are unrideable. They drop so much cash into these machines leaving them completely broke that after a while, when they realize they actually might like to ride a motorcycle – So they post the bike on eBay and try to recoup some of their wasted money – by then it is too late. The aftermarket has come and gone and these DBs are stuck with overpriced piece of junk that they will never be able to sell for half the price they paid for it.

The best part of the story is that if you years from now you and I will be trolling around eBay looking for a bike that cost about $10,000 and find one of these that today list for $60,000.

I will buy one. I will ride it. And I will keep this is a relic of the past because that’s what these things are good for. They are museum pieces – they are display models but they are not machines that bikers RIDE.

You don’t believe me, well here’s my iron horse that I originally bought for slightly over $10k. When this was new it cost $35k- $40k. I bought it for fraction of the price. That’s just what happens to bikes like this and history will repeat itself.

IronHorse Motrocycle

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