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A Call to Arms – Congress has shut down our best riding roads!

This organization never brings politics into a conversation…it’s just not our place. We would prefer to stick with what we know, bikes, rides, destinations, cigars and whisky. That’s why our readers visit this site so that’s what we write.

Unfortunately the government shutdown hits us where it hurts – our roads. We’re sympathetic to all of the government workers who are going to have a difficult October (or beyond) without pay checks. This isn’t something any motivated person should experience. With that said, the focus of this piece is not on the workers, rather on the riders.

You may not realize that our National Parks are all government run. Rangers are government employees. No government funding, no national parks. After realizing this, it wasn’t long until a quick inventory of this year’s national park rides went through my mind. Next to the park name is the story about the ride we took through the park.

Videos of Maine National Park Riding:

We have two choices:
1. Plan around some of the most spectacular scenery in the world or
2. Write to congress. Better Yet – Like this post on Facebook if you think that Congress should motivate to pass a budget and reopen our national parks before snow kills our riding season!

2013-08-05 07.39.40 2013-08-05 09.02.52 2013-08-05 09.07.14 2013-08-05 09.45.49 2013-08-05 10.13.34 2013-08-05 13.02.34 2013-08-05 15.39.25 2013-08-07 18.46.02 2013-08-31 17.32.37-1 2013-08-31 17.33.28 2013-08-31 17.33.36

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