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Packing the necessities

Often we are asked about packing for a long motorcycle ride and though we have written articles on the topic in the past (Packing for a motorcycle trip), we have never gone through the trouble of photographing all of the contents prior to a ride.

Some of the Beantown Baggers staff is going on a ride to Montreal on Friday and have been spending this week getting prepared for the ride.  Below are pictures of the contents of my bags and 5 ½ inch tour pack .  I’ll spare you from seeing the clothes I pack but it’s pretty minimal as this trip only requires a couple of overnights.  In reality, I packed the same amount for Sturgis this year, the Iron Butt, The Dragon or pretty much any other ride I’ve taken in the past few years.  The longer hauls just require more laundry in sinks.

Supplies for a 10 day trip

Supplies for a 10 day trip

The second reason this article needed to be written is to help all of our readers who are lugging enormous luggage around the country.  We just don’t need that much stuff so hopefully this can help minimize the packing.
The one item that is packed and not photographed is a 4″ mag light in the glove box.


Chocomallows – Chocolate and coffee flavored marshmallows that have 100+ MG of caffeine per bite. They are great for distance rides when you won’t have time to stop for a coffee.


Thermos- This fits 2-3 cups of coffee and will keep it warm for almost 24 hours. Better than highway coffee normally.

Camera, Lenses and Flash

I carry my camera as we are ultimately writers and photographers. Unfortunately iPhones take decent pictures but not high enough quality for most purposes.

Tour pak contents

Tour pack has dark and clear glasses, a unipod for the camera, bug-o-cide, whipes for glasses and windshield, pens, highlighters, a rag, Advil and a pouch to hold the loose things. Last but not least, a huge cigar lighter and cutter.

Beantown Baggers shirts and stickers

We almost always carry some gear for fans along the way. Just ask for a sticker or something should you see us on the road.

Saddle Bag

Utility knife, gopro, flint, Visene, earplugs, backup cigar cutter, zip ties, registration in a pelican box, breather rain sock

More from that bag

tools, plugs, fuses, pull tie, rope, electrical tape

Last of three mini bags in the saddle bag

Gerbing heated jacket, gloves, regulator and an alternate plug for the cigarette lighter.

Other Saddle Bag

Other Saddle Bag – Rain Gear including boots, pants, waterproof gloves and rain suit.

Glove box

Glove box – gloves and face mask for rain.
Also, I usually ride with mentos – easy to eat during a ride.

clean packed bike

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