Beantown Baggers

Top 10 reasons we are thankful

  1. Having a great group to ride with who would put their lives on hold for a bike trip of a lifetime through Utah, Jackson WY, Yellowstone , the Colorado Rockies Malibu and Sturgis.IMG_2650
  2. For helmets that work 20131117-214123.jpg
  3. For hot chicks who like bikers IMG_2239
  4. For the awesome New England bike building scene and the shops who support our events DSC_0084
  5. For those who showed up to ride 300 lightning fast miles and the ones who made it all the way to the end ride with us
  6. For incredible roads in New England and go pro cameras letting to capture everything to share fuzz
  7. For the shared hatred of canams  sacrilege
  8. For our right to be original – something, much like thanksgiving that you only get when living under red, white and blue rg2
  9. Incredible painters who can put those hot chicks who love guys who ride right on our tanks! Pinup-image
  10. And for 10,000+ fans (and growing) who promote this ride hard or die trying lifestyle.  Thank you for supporting Beantown Baggers and for sharing this stuff with your friends.

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