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Top 10: What dogs and bikes have in common

Dog and bike fans can definitely relate to at least one of these thoughts below. We would bet that out of our 10,000+ fans, there are probably over 5,000 of you who have had or currently have a dog.  If you have a dog and a bike, send some pictures – we are fans of both.  We only have 9 – suggest the 10th on Facebook. [Images below].

Both have to be broken in before they are truly useful.
A dog will piss in your house until he learns not to do it. A bike needs a few thousand miles and oil changes before it’s ready for prime time.

Maintenance ain’t cheap!
If you take your bike to a tech, you’re probably spending a few hundreds bucks just to change the fluids. Vet bills aren’t much better.

Feeding costs a ton too:
You have to feed your bike 93 octane if it’s going to run well – same goes for your pup. Bad food will lead to the dog getting sick and likely a shorter lifespan.

The good ones mark their spots:
Do you remember your first Evo (or earlier)? It was easy to figure out where you parked from the trail of oil left behind.

If anybody dares lay a hand on either one, they had better be wearing running shoes.

When you open your door they’ll put a huge smile on your face.
No matter how much your day at work sucked, you’ll come home, take a blast or quick run with your mutt and it will be as if the workday didn’t happen.

After you’ve put 10 years of work into it, you wouldn’t think of trading up for a newer model.
Bikes and dogs are two of the only things that get better as they age. The dog might lose a step and the bike may not keep up with the current Baggers but you have formed an unexplainable bond that cannot be replaced.

No matter how many things go wrong with either one, we never regret the day we decided to get it.
Dogs will chew everything in our house, crap on the floor and at one point or another likely steal our dinner.  Bikes will cost us thousands to build, require a garage for storage and will still break down the day before a huge trip costing even more to repair.  None of of this matters because we only remember the good days.

A good looking dog or shiny bike will absolutely without a doubt make you more attractive to the fairer sex!

dog sidecar2 dog sidecar biker and dog German-Shepard-Dog-Riding-a-Motorcycle

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