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Kyle “The Tree Doctor” Krueger and a day trip to Lake Geneva

Some days you ride forever, fighting through traffic, hitting every light imaginable. Then when you’re about to give up, turn around and go home, the entire world opens up to a scenic, wide open country road capped off by a breathtaking sunset over Lake Geneva. 100 miles of lousy roads makes you appreciate the 60 miles of amazing riding! Great day for a ride – wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yesterday’s ride to Lake Geneva Wisconsin had a few great surprises. Not least of which was catching up with Kyle “The Tree Doctor” Krueger and shooting his 2007 very modified full dresser. The work was well done, tasteful and taking these shots at night really brought out the metallic blue of the tins!

When I first approached Kyle’s motorcycle to snap some photos I looked around for an owner.  Even venturing to the front door of some neighboring stores to see if anybody sporting a leather or HD hoodie may be within sight.  Unfortunately my recently lit Ashton VSG wouldn’t permit entrance to the shops so I’d have to shoot first and answer questions later.  There was not a chance I was going to let such a perfect scene go without a few pictures to capture this incredible machine.

Kyle Krueger Lake Geneva

Kyle Krueger on his 2007 heavily modified dresser

Within moments of the first shot, a slightly nervous and incredibly raspy voice approached inquiring about the impromptu photo-shoot.  After a bit of conversation the owner of the bike jokingly said “I didn’t know who you were – I though you were FBI or something… not that I have anything to worry about”.

We spoke for a while about his riding, his business as a tree surgeon and even one of the celebrity clients for whom he has done work.  It was late 2012 when New Jersey’s Bruce Springsteen was impacted by Hurricane Sandy and Kyle was in the North East to help remove some downed trees from the rocker’s estate.

Lake Geneva is a fantastic day-ride destination from Chicago and was filled with those of us from the city who had to get out of the traffic for a few hours.  For New Englanders, it would remind you most of Portsmouth, NH mixed with Bath Maine.  The town is not exactly untouched by tourists but still keeps the charm of a lively town surrounded by farm lands sitting on the side of a spectacular lake.  Most notable is the friendliness of the mid-westerners who populate these locations.  Everybody is eager to share their riding stories and listen to yours… with genuine interest.

The bike makes the ride possible, the roads create a thrill but it is the people you meet along the way that truly shape your soul.


Sunset over Lake Geneva, WI





champsbtb bagger white lake geneva


map to lake geneva

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