Beantown Baggers

The Harley Paradox

The biker culture has always been one of freedom with an attitude of – “screw it, lets just ride!” Historically, there has been no room for judgment and your value was based in three things:

1. Can you keep up
2. Can you help fix my hog when I’m stuck roadside
3. Are you the type of person with whom I can have a drink after a great day of riding?

Nowhere in the biker by laws does anybody mention a credit check or judgment of your personal wealth. This is the part of the culture that every rider can attest to as we all have different backgrounds. W2s and priorities for spending.

This passive aggressive behavior is best exemplified by bikers who detest a bike that isn’t show-ready. The bitter irony is that most people don’t have the skills needed to customize their bikes and as a result, they pay the dealership for work that can he seen as trivial.

Can I change my own motor or split my cases? Not without a repair manual and a lot of extra time on my hands… Even then, theres a good chance I end up calling a buddy to fix my mistakes when the works gets ugly. But you should at least know how to change your oil, take off the wheels, change your battery and a few fuses andante even work through the wiring harness on your HD.

Regardless, this article isn’t about needing to know how to do routine maintenance (though you should), its about being a prick when you see somebody who can’t afford $30k for a HD CVO. If you are going to be this guy, please consider yourself scooter trash.


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