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The First Ride of 2013

It’s mid-March and for the past four months I’ve been excited to get on the horse and log some miles. Unlike last winter where most New England riders were able to put a few thousand miles on their vtwins, this year’s winter has been slightly more unforgiving. Snow has been a constant and we expect more on the day after tomorrow. There was no way I could wait for another dumping with the added benefit of more salt/sand to get in the way of my freedom.

I did a few things right this year including:

  • using a tender
  • stabilizing the fuel (and dealing with the ethanol issue early in the winter)
  • installing a heater in the garage (Larger ongoing investment than I would’ve liked but serves a second purpose of allowing me a safe haven to smoke cigars while I write these articles)
  • I didn’t misplace my riding gear at the end of the season. A little organization makes that first ride go a lot smoother!

As a result, the 103 started right up and I was off and running.

35 degrees hitting me square in the face – refreshing, invigorating and not the slightest hint of cold! This is so much better than couch surfing on a Sunday!

The ride would take me West on Rt. 30 toward Framingham and Southborough before I stopped at Watch City Cigars to get some advice on breathing life into some cigars that had dried up in my humidor (despite the 72% humidity and 71* temperature. I picked up a few sticks and a new oversized lighter that could be considered a concealed weapon and was back on the bike headed for a book store to pick up the latest EZ Rider magazine and Cigar Aficionado.
I learned two things:
  1. EZ Rider is closer to Porn than a bike mag. I guess that I’m used to Bagger Magazine and America Bagger – less T&A, more bikes. Don’t get me wrong – I love looking at the craftsmanship of Phoenix and LA plastic surgeons as much as the next guy, but happy I didn’t open the rag at the family friendly coffee shop that would be my next stop
  2. Cigar Aficionado has a section called “cigars”. Seems strange as I would have thought the entire magazine would be cigars. It’s definitely informative but has become more of a lifestyle magazine focused on cars, watches and anything else that the blue bloods drool over.

Back on the bike and returning on Rt. 30. Luckily my speed wasn’t terrible fast as one of the local town cops may have cut me a 10 MPH break as I passed his speed trap. I would hate to get pulled over (again) as I did get bagged last week for indecision. I couldn’t choose the left lane or center when it came to traffic – they both looked so good, so I rode the white dotted line in an effort to skip traffic. I was successful until a Statie decided I had all the fun I would be allowed that day. (I did say this was my first day riding this season and that isn’t entirely true. I was taking a bike in for service last week – this was riding for transportation, a purpose, not for fun, so I don’t really count it).

In all, my miles were far under 100 today so I can’t really be proud of my time out but scorekeeping isn’t my style. I’m sure I’ll hit 15,000 as I did in 2012 but it will have to start a little later this time than it did last time around.

For anybody who would like to live vicariously though one of the few idiots out riding today (me), feel free to watch a little riding video below. I took it with the JVC Adixxion Camera that I picked up during the off season. Review on the camera was posted previously.  Video while using the camera is below:

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