Beantown Baggers

The Philosophy of the Unnecessary

On the heels of our article – A Slippery Slope.

“It’s not you, it’s me” says self to my 2009 Road King Police (FLHR). “Honestly, you’re perfect just the way you are, but you could be so much better.  Don’t you want to be better?”  Fairly certain, if the bike had fists it’d knock my teeth down my throat and tell me I should like it the way it is.

Let’s face it, of the many things a motorcycle is and is not, it is most certainly an inanimate object.  One that does fly like the night and breathe…breathe fire, but it ain’t a living thing.  So, we make the decisions like we know what’s best for it.

Don’t get me wrong, at first look on the dealership floor this iron horse was simply awesome.  To start it had already a 103 ci, rounded black denim apes, new switch housings, all that clunky police add-on removed when I bought it.  Though I immediately looked to what could be.  So, of my short list I added a couple things: RSD black ops air cleaner, neatened up the tail lights, powder coated those with smoked lenses, same for the front, put on a sweet set of true dual Bassani pipes, some other small things.  Few months later – switched out the rear shocks for a stiffer Progressive shock, got a 12 in smoked windshield right before a ride down to Rolling Thunder.  By now – she looks good, real good.  But, desire desires desire.

Fast forward and here I am, putting a 120r in before the season officially commences.  If you thought that was enough – you were wrong; of course it’s not.  First off, the 120 needs to be powder coated denim black and naturally I need the rest of the motor to match so all Harley powder coated matching engine covers.  Even the nuts and bolts will be black.  Favorite color anyone?  More like OCD.  Then comes the lowering kit, front end Progressive shocks, neatening up the rear fender, blacking the lowers, GPS, 2:1 speedo/tach, variable pressure clutch, new licence plate mount, and even a battery tender adaptor to be installed in the saddle bags so I I’m never left with a dead phone.

Desire is never ending, clearly we all get that though what this is really about is a vision and a passion.  These changes aren’t the end, but I’m getting closer and enjoying the ride.  What may seem unnecessary to you isn’t to me and I sure as hell don’t plan on ever selling this thing so I’m all in.

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