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Countdown to Sturgis – 13 days out

Right now we are 13 days from Sturgis. I’ve been in touch with a lot of people I met along the road last year and look forward to riding a few miles with old friends.

The bikes just arrived to LA where we will depart as a group toward Sturgis. Again, I would rather ride everywhere but part of the fun is going with your crew.

Maps are done
Major stuff is packed

Only need to pack my clothes and get out to LA. It’s amazing that we are cutting everything so close with travel – hopefully all goes right.

Our flights arrive around 1PM local time. From there we will have to get to the bikes, so any last minute prep and be on the road within six hours – not a lot of time to mess around.

The reason we are leaving at night as opposed to morning is to avoid the severe heat of Death Valley where even nights can yield oppressive temperatures.

Inevitably there will be one thing – one really important thing I forget but luckily most things can be found on the ride if necessary.

Right now my single biggest fear is spending a night in Vegas when we have to get an early start the following morning and then register 500 miles. What could possibly go wrong?



    • Yep sure am but I’ll be coming in from north, I’m going up the west coast and then through Yellowstone and Beartooth. If Arizona and New Mexico were anything to go by then Utah will be hot with thunder storms in the afternoons.

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