Beantown Baggers

4 wheels move the body but 2 wheels move the soul

Often I forget a couple things including how rough 95 degrees can be on a bike, especially when you’re simply trying to get somewhere and conversely how great 75 degrees feels in the same scenario. Moreover, when life gets the best of me and a week or two passes without the need to refuel my tank, I forget how important it is to escape and think.

This past week offered some challenges on the personal front. I lost a close family member and though it wasn’t totally unexpected, such an event does conjure up a slew of memories and thoughts.  Time is at a premium and uninterrupted moments are normally unavailable, so the hours in the saddle provided a welcome relief.

This weekend I logged 300 highway miles – almost all highway.  Sure, I would’ve preferred hitting twisting roads and switchback turns but nonetheless, the miles did provide the overdue dose of solitude rarely found in the day to day race defining our lives.  I hit some tough spots, grinding through scorching heat but ultimately landed in a state of bliss allowing me to begin finding some sense of closure.

As I approached the end point on 95S, I hit a little traffic and got a great view of the sunset. A fitting backdrop for such a ride.

Funny machines we ride.  It’s times like these I understand the phrase: “four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”.


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