Beantown Baggers

First Time – Jalapeño Hush Puppies

After the mishap on the Tail of the Dragon the unyielding Road King needed to be checked out so we made our way to a Harley Davidson shop out by Swannanoa, NC.  Great people there by the way!  Took me right in, fixed some stuff and gave me the OK to continue on for our remaining 1,500 miles safely even though I was missing some fairly important parts (like a saddlebag for example).

Going off of the advice from the locals on where to find good BBQ (obsess much?) we made our way to Okie Dokies off US70 which was conveniently located next to the shop.  Highly advised we get jalapeño hush puppies whatever we did that was the first item on the list amongst quite a few mouth watering options.

If you make it out that way – do yourself a grand favor and double up on your hush puppy order.  Simply, they are incredible!  The deal with the shop that we’d made was in exchange for their kind gesture on a recommendation and time spent with us two Bostonians was we’d bring back an order of these hush puppies for them.  We brought two – and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t steal a few from the box.

Go to this place.

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