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Ride Prep | Mind over matter?

If you ride, like actually ride meaning more than from your house to the city to cruise the strip and look cool you’ll understand the need to maintain some level of physical health.

I’m referring to one thing here – the lower back.  As we all get older many of us will begin to experience some degree of pain.  Lower back pain is very common in older dudes and if your formative years were anything like mine your likely experiencing already the pain I speak of.

Depends on riding position, the seat, severity of pre-existing injury, suspension.  I’ve had one bike where my riding position was more aggressive than the bagger I’ve got now and when my back was acting up not enough ibuprofen in the bottle would help.  Nor would I want it to, as simply I’d be masking an injury.  You see – when you have pain you stop what you’re doing.  There is pain from injury and there is pain from being a wuss.  We all know the difference.  If your job/life don’t depend on working through that pain from injury don’t be a dumb ass.  And if you’re young and pain comes and goes quickly know that this little thing you’re nursing every once in a while is going to be a major issue for you when your body starts to break down (which is not that far into the future).

I work out often and admittedly my workouts are incredibly intense and long and I’m not that old so I’ve been able to bounce back from injury fairly quickly.  My back issue reared its ugly head while training for a pro-fight circuit which never commenced (to my great dismay).  Coming out of that orthopedic meeting after having reviewed MRI and x-ray results was one of the most humbling moments of my life.  Realizing my mortality.  From what I’ve found back extensions, strengthening the core, avoiding any form of deep waited squats, Vinyasa yoga have helped tremendously.  I’ve had to get over the yoga culture as said politely, it isn’t for me though it’s really helped.  It’s also incredibly difficult and if it’s difficult and legit I won’t knock it.  Listen to your body – if it hurts don’t do it.  Taking a low dose of a prescription muscle relaxer with a beer for dinner doesn’t hurt either from time to time.  Disclaimer: I do not have my MD so if you take my advice on medication you do so at your own risk!!

End of the day, it’s not mind over matter when it comes to this matter.  It’s about being able to do what you love day after day.  Set down the pride and work on what needs to be tended to so you can get up tomorrow and enjoy this beautiful past time.

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