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Using Springpad to map routes for a motorcycle trip

Using Springpad to map routes for a motorcycle trip

I’ve used a number of tools to plan rides in the past and some are better than others. The elements for a good ride planning application are:

  • ability to upload images from mobile
  • collaboration tools to receive contributions from other riders in my group
  • check lists to keep track of packing items and destinations
  • ability to import maps
  • public and private switch. Some things I’ll share with the world and others should just be for my group to see
  • potential to tweet or share items in an organized capacity on Facebook

I’ve been using Springpad for this functionality as it has all of the elements highlighted above and is a free app. It also lets you tag destinations with a “want” tag to remind you to visit it at a later time. Notebooks (as they are called in Sprjngpad) can be organized by any headers you feel appropriate such as maps, packing, food, sight-seeing etc.  You can even assign tasks to others in your group such as “pack a tarp” or “bring the Whiskey” (two items I need to remember on this upcoming trip).

Below are a couple examples of maps from mobile as well as an entire desktop map set.  The maps that you’re looking at are for LA to Sturgis and back – the trip I’m planning for next week.  I did have to use Google Maps to create the initial map but then imported the maps and directions into the Springpad tool (

What do you use?  What functions have we forgotten to name?

Mobile Springpad Interface

Mobile Springpad Interface

Springpad upload Menu

Item Upload Menu for Springpad

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