Beantown Baggers

A desert at night is still a freekin’ desert

We left Malibu today at 7PM PST for our first leg to Sturgis. The first 100 of our 300 mile day was jam packed with traffic but still great to get on a bike in the 75 degree California sun. The comfortable climate wasn’t there to stay as we found out later.

From the moment we pulled out of Malibu and passed through the canyons on the way to Rt 15 the scenery was spectacular.

The ride to Vegas from Malibu includes Death Valley and the Mojave Desert so gas could be a challenge. We stopped after 75 miles and then again after 75 more. None of us really wanted to break our ride but we also didn’t want to risk running out of gas on a tumbleweed lined road.

The heat in Death Valley was oppressive. Over 100 degrees at 10PM and coming off the much cooler canyon road left me with my leather on in 103 weather. Yes we could’ve pulled over but we wanted to get these miles in and prorate for some great riding in the morning.


The other interesting point about the desert and ridiculous heat is that coupled with the darkness will make it that much harder to stay awake.  I was downing caffeinated marshmallows and Redbull as I rode to try and stay awake.

A short 300 miles later and we checked into the hotel in Vegas.  We found this place on Hotel tonight and got a killer deal for the palatial establishment.  They must have pitied our group because we were all given a pretty sweet upgrade (see the view below).  Undoubtedly this is the farthest that each of us will stretch the $80/night on this trip so we may as well take advantage of it while we can.

Now, Beantown is off to Salt Lake City via Zion.

view vegasview vegas morning

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