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“The Trip of a Lifetime”

As the snow piled up in a brutal New England winter, one late December morning greeted five friends with that email subject line: “The Trip of a Lifetime”!

The note would go on to call out the crossroads of our lives where we all currently sit. Between ages 30 and 50, live, work, family etc all normally get the best of us. As a result, of the group, only one of us has been to Sturgis though we have all said we’d like to make it… some day… Amazingly we all came to the same conclusion simultaneously, there is only so much time to live, experience and to bond. “Some day”… that trip to Sturgis would be now.

8 months of planning later and we are leaving for the greatest motorcycle rally in the world tonight. We decided a strange route for Bostonians but want to take advantage of the spectacular scenery and roads out west. The throughout is that we could always Ride the miles closer to home but rarely could we start on the left coast and make our way back.

Tonight we Ride!

We will be leaving at 7PM PST to ride through Death Valley and hope to get to Vegas before 2 AM. The weather will have it’s ups and downs. No doubt we’ll encounter adversity though the trip but I am confident that for better or for worse, this will be a ride that we will never forget!


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