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Rated Day Ride to BBQ and the Rock (Plymouth) (6.25/10)

After last week’s Bagger Show at Boston Harley Davidson, a dozen of us had two forms of hunger: we had to fill our bellies and feed our souls.  Spending a few hours looking at 45 spectacular bikes was exciting and even better to talk with 300 locals who came out for the festivities but all of this conversing created quite an appetite.  Furthermore, we had only ridden a few miles that day and needed more to truly feel fulfilled.  Food and riding would cure all ails. And what better food than Barbecue?

Map at the bottom of this article

We decided on a West to South blast and a stop at Blue Ribbon on the way.  Blue Ribbon Barbecue is in West Newton – not exactly known as the BBQ capital of the world but always comes through with great quality food.

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 8.19.14 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 8.19.24 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 8.19.44 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 8.19.54 AM

After stuffing our faces on ribs, Jerk Chicken (my personal favorite), collard greens and pecan pie, we would fight food comas and head west only to turn down south.

The first four miles on RT 16 from Blue Ribbon to Wellesley is not pleasant – filled with cars.  This quickly clears up as you stay left on RT 16 at the Cold Stone Creamery in Wellesley.  Take RT 16 all the way through South Natick, and Sherborn.  If for some odd reason you’re still hungry, stop at the Sherborn Inn.  Don’t go to the restaurant (it’s ridiculously stuffy) but grab some food at the bar.  In any case, rolling up to the Sherborn Inn with a dozen bikes will likely lead to cardiac arrest for a handful of the blue blood patrons.

After you leave the Inn, stay left and look for signs to RT 27S.  This road will wind a while and if you trust the ride, will end up around RT 3 where you need to spend less than a mile before exiting for  Plymouth center.

The ride on 27 is pretty eventful and lined with trees about to change for the year.  Fall foliage in New England is something that no other region else can claim and we’re just about to see an orgy of colors in front of our windscreens.

When you hit plymouth center you’ll have a bunch of places for drinks, food or coffee.  I’m partial to Kiskadee Coffee next to the T-Bones Roadhouse but if live music is your thing that day, definitely take a look into T-bones.

kiskadee t bones bbqt bones bbq

Rating system defined: Map Rating System

  1. Road Quality: 6 (The roads were fine but not spectacular)
  2. Ride Length with good roads (76 Miles one way) (shortish ride): 6 (out of 10).
  3. Technical Difficulty: 2 (it would be a 1 but realistically you could be hit by a car in Wellesley)
  4. Views:  6 – Very nice country views in Sherborn and then a great view of the ocean if you make it to Plymouth Rock
  5. Food Options: 7 Good BBQ, breakfast food (Sherborn Inn) and coffee.  You could explore Plymouth for better food but we’re picky about our BBQ
  6. Gas Availability:  10 (hard to run out of gas unless you forgot to fill up before leaving and had a leaky tank)
  7. Speed-traps: 9 – 1 along the way on the other side of the road by Whitman
  8. Traffic: 4 -there was some traffic near Wellesley and Newton

Total Score: 6.25 (out of 10)
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