Beantown Baggers

Map Rating System – Defining a 10

To receive a 10 in the following categories, it’s best to give examples of 10s for specific rides that we have taken.

Ratings (all out of 10).  Total Rating = 10

  1. Road Quality: Perfectly paved.  No sand or rocks in the road at all.  Road without creases or frost-heaves.  No outlets, cross streets or driveways. Perfect road in 2013 = Tail of the Dragon. There are absolutely no cross streets and the condition was perfect in Spring 2013.
  2. Ride Length with good roads: A short, evening blast is 50 miles (round trip).  Medium length is 100 miles.  a long beautiful day of riding would be 500-600 curvy miles.  We rate the “good part” of the ride and not the highways taken to get to the nice roads.
  3. Technical Difficulty: The Tail of the Dragon is a 10.  Independance Pass in Colorado is an 8.  The Kancamagus Highway in Northern NH is a 5.
  4. Views:  Rural, ocean, forrest etc.  It’s like porn, hard to describe, but when you see (a good view) you know that it is one.
  5. Food Options: Meat (steak or killer burger), seafood (better than fried), ice cream and coffee (should be better than D&D).  If it rains and the ride is slow, would it be worth going for the food regardless?
  6. Gas Availability:  Can a friend on a Sportster make the ride without ruining your trip? A 10 gives gas every 50 miles.  A 1 means that even if you have a touring bike (6 gallon tank) you may want to bring a gas can.
  7. Speed-traps: Void of any speed traps is a 10.  Each trap every 100 miles reduces the score by 1.5.
  8. Traffic: This includes stop signs and traffic lights.  No stop signs or lights – no cars etc, the ride gets a 10.
  1. Perfect 10


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