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BTB Part of the Week – Boarzilla 2:1 Exhaust

It is without question if you ride a bagger, your pipes need to wake the dead.  They need to rattle passerby’s bones and frighten little ratty dogs.  Having the right exhaust set up is key and usually one of the first changes we make.  For performance, sound and looks.

For those out there with high output motors, we’re highlighting D&D Boarzilla.  The sound  – mean, the look – and they were developed for big bore motors.  After all, there’s no reason to do an upgrade when you can’t enjoy high performance over a wide power band afterwards -though it is a balancing act.   A balancing act of pressure with the intake versus the output. You need to pick and chose  what’s most important as you can’t have it all.  Or can you?  Is it a street bike or a racing bike? Do you want it torquey from 2,500 – 4,500 rpm (from the low-mid end), for highway cruising or top end power?  Everything that comprises the exhaust plays it’s own role – the diameter, length and muffler with header diameter being the most important aspect.

For 2009 – 2014 touring bikes, the Boarzilla system we like comes as a 2:1 (two into one), but also has the ghost pipe as an offering so you can keep that true dual look with collector system performance.

 Specs from D&D:
2:1 Boss Boarzilla is a stepped header system
at the head is 1 3/4″ to 1 7/8″ to 2″ at collector
and 2 1/2″ where the muffler goes to the header.

Our testing is done with the Harley Tuner’s.
Every pipe is designed to increase low-end torque
and horsepower.

…and all 2009-2014 Touring model are required to use a
tuner with our exhaust.  No question, that putting in a Stage _ kit or bigger motor with new exhaust likely calls for a good old official dyno tune, something to keep that in mind when looking into the options.

Coming in show chrome or midnight black along with 4 different muffler cuts – this exhaust system gives you quite a few options, though it comes at a price.

What do you run?

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