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Battistini Floorboards – “Jewelry” for the bagger

A friend working at one of the local shops has a particular passion for well made bike parts. When he gets really excited about a floorboard or set of bars he refers to the company’s offspring as “Jewelry”. There are two brand’s that have received these honors from this guy and one of them is Battistini.

Battistini makes some of the best looking floorboards, grips and controls on the market. The fit is perfect and the finish is… well, like Jewelry.

They make both chrome and contrast cuts and are best known for their C-Through line of products. These floorboards are the ones with a hole shaped pattern seen on so many contest winning baggers.

battistini floorboardsbattistini rectangle on bikebattistini floorboards2

The newest floorboards by Battistini are the Wireframe line that could easily be confused with shrunken chrome snowshoes. The asymmetrical shape is definitely a change from the rectangular floorboards of the past and look incredible on the newest baggers. These wireframe floorboards come in four styles including: anodized black, chrome, chrome and black and contrast. Take a look at the battistini site for more info.

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