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WK 300 – is Almost here… Are you still in?

Currently there are 69 people signed up to attend the White Knuckle 300 on Saturday 11/2 leaving from Framingham, MA.  Originally we at BTB joked that we’d be shocked if anybody showed up.  There’s still time for people to all bail but we’re riding regardless..  Here is an easy guide to help you determine if you have everything you need for the ride.

  1. It will be cold but right now the forecast looks pretty mild: If you like riding in the summer sunshine, this isn’t that ride.  Dress Warmly and look at our guide to warm products – “Toughen up and ride”.
  2. This will be disorganized: If you read our article “How to organize a ride” and expect us to utilize those best practices, you will be disappointed.
    1. We don’t have a police escort, haven’t planned blockers and are just going to ride.  If you fall behind, we trust you’ll catch up.
  3. We will get lost: We have laid out a route but may change it on the ride.  With that said, you can find the maps for the 300 here.
  4. If you have any other questions, check out the facebook invitation for the ride
  5. The riding is amazing – check out the Flickr Album of our Mapping ride
  6. Lastly, the first 10 to arrive will get free T shirts while supplies and sizes last.  we will be selling other shirts at cost.  Take a look at the Beantown Bagger Store to see the event shirts.

We look forward to seeing those of you who show up.

WK 300 FB



    • Road Captain

      Meeting at shoppers world Framingham. 1 Worcester rd near the Starbucks over there.
      7AM meet time. Stands up at 7:45.

      Hope you can make it.

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