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Winter projects under $500

Powder-coat the lower legs and wheels
Powdercoasting can come in all shapes and sizes. For example, most people think that you can only powdercoat matte black. In fact you can do that or gloss as well as crinklecoat. Additionally you could add colors to your powdercoating if you want to get creative. Colored lower legs, powdercoated stock wheels and the chrome looking uppers actually look pretty sharp!

2013 Roadglide

Change the floorboards, linkage and pedals
Floorboards aren’t cheap but it’s an easy do it yourself project. If you’re going to do the floorboards, you may as well replace the linkage, shifter and brake pedals.


Linkage and shifter pedal

If you are on a tight budget and want to make a small but meaningful change, change the stock HD linkage to chrome HD linkage (or look at Battistinis if you really want to get creative). In terms of the pedal, HD comes with a rubber shifter pedal (and heal/toe shifter). Changing the pedal to a piece that matches the brake will create nice continuity from a riding position. If you decide to remove the heal shifter (it always pulls on my raingear), you can buy an elimination screw from HD that looks better than an average bolt. Any HD parts counter can help with these items.

Grips, mirrors and windshield
How does your bagger look from the front? One easy change is to switch out the stock windshield and put a Klock Werks windshield (5 ½”) on the front. If you’re on a Road King, Look at the 11” HD smoked shield. Change the grips, levers and mirrors from the stock to a set by Performance Machine and you’ll have a great new look that you’ll see when approaching the bike and will appreciate during every mile you ride!


Change your full sized tourpak to a razor tourpak and ditch the engine guard

This means you’ll lose some space but it will drastically update the look of your bagger. Removing the engine guard puts your paint (and maybe legs) at risk but lightens the look up front. You will need to replace it with a fairing bracket (that sits under your fairing and attaches it to the frame) to properly secure your fairing.


Replace your seat

This is so simple and likely something you did when you first bought your bagger. But if you didn’t, a new seat is the easiest change possible that will reduce the chunky look of a stock bagger.

Change your dash and gas cap

The stock HD dash is bulky but a Yaffe dash kit will streamline your dash. It will need to be painted but color matching HD paint is not a major issue. If you do this as well as painting the inner fairing, you may look at doing them the same color (black etc) even if it isn’t the same color as the rest of the bike. It will work – trust us!


Paint your inner fairing and change the gauges

The CVO gauges always stand out and you can do that yourself though it isn’t the quickest project.

If you have a Roadking, replace your dash and speedo to a multi-color speedo/tachometer model. Also, look at the flush mount gas caps – they are cleaner and keep the smooth lines of the tank. If you don’t replace the dash, look for a dash insert as shown below or just powder-coat the entire dash housing.


Replace your antenna to a hidden antenna and add an ipod hookup. Tunes without the bulk!

Do you have any suggestions for sub $500 projects?  If so, email them to

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