Beantown Baggers

‘Twas the night before sturgis

‘Twas the night before Sturgis
And all through the shop
Not a tool was in use
Not even a mop

The baggers were washed, waxed and buffed shiny with care
Packed full with snacks for the White Knuckle Ride there.

Half the crew drinking at Faneuil Hall Ned’s
Not concerned of the hangover soon to pound on their heads
And Jimmy with his Patron and I on my mac
In the midst of an article – methods for readers to pack

Then from blocks away we could hear glass shatter
TW leaped from his stool to investigate the matter.
Nikon camera in hand, to the door he would run
Dashed out in the cold, ready to capture the fun

As murmurs grew closer they grew to a growl
Once silent neighbor dogs now began to howl
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
It was Southie Johnnie, riding while shot gunning a beer!

Cams in his 103, it always moved quick
Now flaunting stretched bags, this bagger is sick!
More powder-coat than chrome his sled would adorn
He even murdered-out the cowbell and stock horn!

Jamie and Dan from Harley making their way
With Joe on the flank dragging the pipes of his sleigh
His glide weighed down with every last tool
Likely sometime this trip fixing Sawyer’s Buell

Eight more bikes, followed closely in tow
The boys from audiowerks make a v-twin rainbow
Moments later Khaos would begin to ensue,
It was Steel, city Boy and Big Nate riding too!

We dolled out our whiskey as 10,000 drop stands
Moments later they all had strong spirits in hands

Ready to roll out and finish my glass,
In the distance I see Jamie and Utah Burt hauling ass
Seventy, eighty, ninety miles an hour
Blue lights behind and still they don’t cower

Over the curb, past the old shamrock bar
The fuzz keeping up, not letting them get far
When off their Roadglides each biker would jump
Ran back to the cops for a friendly fist bump?

“In Amherst we mentioned the rally, that we’d be late”
“No problem gents, you’ll have an escort – courtesy of the state!
The Sturgis ride happens but one time a year
Just do us a favor, don’t ride after too much beer!”

Black hills in two days – it feels so soon
First to crazy horse, then Rushmore, finally the full throttle saloon!
By now the Baggers have all arrived in Beantown
Slowly the evenings festivities will die down

For us to have clear heads and hands firmly on grips
We all need to rest for the most life changing of trips
As dreams kick in- vivid images on minds
Needles highway, the badlands, topless chicks bearing behinds

With thanks to our readers promising to serve our fans right
Beantown Baggers wishes you ride hard, every day and every night!
mann xmas card

xmas stretch
Art credit to David Mann

One comment

  1. Dwayne Milne

    After 23 years living in Rapid City, 2 years working & helping Michael Ballard run the front Bar, 4 years at the Buffalo Chip running the Bud bar & 6 years managing the stage at the old Glencoe Concert Amphitheater, along with running the largest club in Rapid City for 4 year in the mid-90’s, this was a great Christmas gift. I recently moved back to the Boston area, miss the Black Hills, Needles Highway, Mt Rushmore, and the family & friends I left behind, your poem helped soften the sadness, Thank you, as there’s no place like home. Merry Christmas & many Sturgis Rally’s to come. I plan on bringing a taste of Sturgis to Laconia Bike Week this year music wise, my Facebook page is 605 Management & Entertainment, keep your eyes open for when I make announcements, it’ll have a Full Throttle & Buffalo Chip taste to it, thanks again, & Merry Christmas

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