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Best reader email in a while. The incredible shrinking biker epidemic

We get a lot of email from our readers and sometimes we even share them. Below is arguably our favorite, funniest and all around best note we’ve received in a while. Stuff like this makes it worthwhile for us. Thanks for writing Anthony and we want to thank the rest of you for all your support! Beantown Baggers is for, about and by you, the readers. Thanks for making this community thrive!

From: Anthony
Beantown Baggers <>
My name is Anthony, I live in Billerica MA and one of you took a pic of my bike and a couple of buddies’ in western MA last year. Since then, I have tried to follow you all and see what was happening. Lots! It’s great to see how a common interest can spark so much!
I plan on getting many (let’s see whose wives, kids, obligations allow it) people to go on the White Knuckle ride this summer, it should be interesting to see.

I did leave a comment on one of your pages regarding t-shirt sizes. What the? Did I miss something? Did bikers go in the dryer? (ie-shrink?) I agree I am more than generously sized, but 2x? That’s it? Like I said in my comment, if you all had larger sizes (3,4,5x) I would have already bought one of each! Sorry to be b***hy, but I run into this problem a lot (is someone trying to tell me something?)

I would like to thank the person on the Road Glide, who was riding two up, who had a camera and took pics of our group (I think I was a wise guy and said “are you sure you’re not shopping for a parts bike?” – I have a CVO Road Glide, the white and black) because if we had not had that interaction that day, I would be Beantown Bagger-less, and that’s just not as happy a place!

I look forward to more involvement, rides, pics, stories, etc. in the future, and hope I/we can keep this thing going, safely, for a long time. Long enough for my daughters, who hopefully will ride in the future, to enjoy as much as I.
Thank you, Sunny Side Up!

PS- I saw you were wondering about shops. My ride(s) always go to Cycle Works in Billerica, Kevin is the owner, Ray is his right hand man, and both know just about all you need to know about newer, older, and everything in between! My Fatboy has 100k+ miles on it, and you’d never guess. Runs like new. They did all the work to my Road Glide also (there’s LOTS) They do a great job!

PPS- I don’t know how you handle clubs, but there is a family club in Medford, called the Chubby Crew. They are the nicest bunch of caring guys who help people, arrange charity rides, do a lot of good, and epitomize the good in riding.

I look forward to hearing back from you,

From: Beantown Baggers <>
To: Anthony
Thank you for your note and support of Beantown Baggers.

Funny comments about the ever-shrinking biker- no, we are not trying to send you message at all (though for a while we did only stock ladies shirts in XS sizes – that at have been by design). The trouble with shirts is that our supplier doesn’t offer anything bigger than 2X and we haven’t found any good 3x-5x by a good American manufacturer. We are looking and will definitely have se big shirts this summer.

Thanks for the heads up on your shop. We will make a trip out there to do an interview this spring/summer. It’s always great to see the local guy win, especially when they product great work.

In terms of your MC question – we are fans of anybody who rides. No matter which shirt, patch or otherwise you wear – we’re not judging. We often share events on our pages but try to avoid promoting clubs because we don’t want to be seen as playing favorites by giving one club more space than another. The other issue is that we try and post good looking high quality photos (after all, it is going to live on Your Facebook newsfeed. Many events produce terrible looking ads and we don’t want to clutter your life with ugly posts.

We look forward to riding when the White Knuckle comes around or seeing you on the road before then. Please keep letting us know how we can improve and thanks again for reading Beantown Baggers!

Best Regards, Beantown Baggers

Here are the photos we took that day of Anthony and the baggers his friends were on.DSC_0548DSC_0542 baggers in the wild DSC_0546  DSC_0549 DSC_0552 DSC_0553

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