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The man who rode across America solo on Sporty Builds New Bike for Even Longer Ride

John Monastero of Brooklyn, New York brought us the story last August of his trials and tribulations of a 4,000+ mile trip across the U.S.A. on his Sportser – solo.  You can find that recap with incredible images here in this link.

As with most of us one bike isn’t enough the same holds true for Monastero.  But, he had to urge to build it himself. Coming to life – a 1974 Honda CB360.  [more photos below]  

This was that first bike he owned, but had never run.  It’d buck so hard in first gear that you’d be thrown off the thing like you were just owned by a bull at the PBR Championship.  After breaking it down into a box last year, over the miserable winter this bike started to become a reality.


John replaced all necessary parts in the transmission and rebuilt it.  Adding in new clutch discs the engine was put back together in sixty-five days.  Not bad for a guy I know works 11+ hr days.  Now the engine is in the frame as the photo shows, tires on and bars from the 70’s (Tomaselli’s).

 Since this article, he’s rebuild the carbs, jet them to handle HD Python Pipes.  A bike that can be roughed around.  She’ll be loud and mean.  We’ll share more when it’s complete!

image2 image3




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