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In recent years, action cameras seem to have made a comeback.  Due in large part to the phenomenal marketing of GoPro showing how versatile their product is through incredible footage shot with extreme pro-athletes in their element.  Given we have been using some of these products and feel the technology is finally worth buying into we are highlighting top products.

These will set you back, but the price points are no different than a good headlight trim or set of floorboards.  When we can’t be out on the open road, these products allow us to relive white knuckled rides and memorable journeys.

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

  • For video quality, ease of editing, versatility (mounting options)
  • 3 price points: $399, $299, $199
  • Up to 12 mega pixels
  • Mounts via head strap, chest harness, flex clamp, suction cup, tripod mounts, handlebar/roll bar, helmet, adhesive, clip, wrist, even a surfboard.  As ridiculous as it might sound there are even more options.  Clearly versatile.  And yes, of course each mount is sold separately.  Mounting options are important because certain options for riding are less than ideal leaving you with shaky footage.  We’ll be testing these mounts out.
  • Site is worth checking out, specifically this page:
From the GoPro - stills

From the GoPro – stills

GoPro Mount

In our review of the JVC camera, GoPro’s competitor, from March there were a few items of comparison that put the JVC ahead though have now been answered by the Black Edition.

  1. Shooting Mode – previous version of GoPro hadn’t allowed the user to know what mode they were in – they do now
  2. Didn’t know if you were recording or not – new version has a light
  3. No view finder – still the case, but their app (available for both iOS & Android) allows previewing for framing so this challenge is solved

The only con we see is the costly add-ons that you’ll undoubtedly want.

HERO3+ Black Edition

HERO3+ Black Edition

GoPro Mount

Video via YouTube

JVC Adixxion

As we mentioned above, this is highly competitive with GoPro and was featured by Beantown Baggers in a previous article found here.  

JVC Adixxion

JVC Adixxion

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