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Beantown Baggers FREE Roadside Assistance Program

Have you ever broken down? Been stuck roadside looking for gas, a cell phone, a push start or even a tow?  Of course you have – at the least, this ruins a great day of riding.  Thankfully good samaritans often come by to help when we most need it but what happens when nobody is around.  You’re stranded and in a really tough spot.

We are announcing the Beantown Baggers Free Roadside Assistance program.  At Beantown we have almost 16,000 readers and we’re going to bet that most are willing to help a fellow rider.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You break down – this sucks, sorry to hear.
  2. You email us ( ) or send us a message through the Facebook site or tweet to us (  Tell us your location and what the problem is (fuel, need a jump, need a tow, need a phone (a reader just reminded us that it would be tough to email without a phone – fair point) etc)
  3. We post the message for all of our fans to see
  4. A fellow rider will likely stop by to help
  5. Write us if somebody helps from the Beantown Posts and we’ll send that good samaritan some Beantown Baggers Gear just to say thank you.

Roadside assistance

Let us know your thoughts and send your letters to

Beantown Baggers is not responsible for any issues that happen roadside.


    • Road Captain

      Absolutely and thanks for the comment. Do you follow us on Facebook or twitter? If so, you’ll definitely get the notifications.

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