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Motorcycle Superstore | Bagger Project & The Art of Custom

Motorcycle-Superstore and Mark Daley of ThunderStruck Custom Bikes teamed up to build a custom bagger off a stock 2012 Road Glide that any guy could build, and do so with a particular vision in mind.  


To build a bike that had character and a motif that followed from front to rear.  With of course, all the resources of Motorcycle-Superstore.  We appreciate the call out that not all of us have such resources or means and can also revere the art that is customizing these machines.  It’s an elementary task to slap on a bunch of expensive shiny bells and whistles, but considerably more challenging to do so in one fell swoop with an original theme throughout.       


Custom is custom for a reason.  It’s unique to the individual who sought out putting imagination into action.  We see some bikes and are in awe, we see others and can’t help but quietly cringe.  Some create as much controversy as Gustave Courbet’s painting, The Origin of the World and others seek to be more flagrant than Dennis Rodman when he married himself (note: it’s advisable you do not look this painting up on a work machine).

Either way, we’re not here to judge.  If it rides and it’s on two wheels, cool.

To the build, courtesy of Motorcycle USA:

–  Stock heads switched out for an S&S Cycle 106″ Big Bore kit for a little bump in displacement

– A custom Thunderstruck Air Intake and set of Kerker 2:1 Supermegs for back pressure


– Progressive Suspension Lowered Fork Spring Kit to drop the front end a couple inches

– PIAA off-road lights 


– Stock dual discs replaced for a single Arlen Ness unit with Hawg Halter 4-piston calipers

– 19″ wheel that’s resisted the huge wheel craze




Arlen Ness contrast cut fork with a gun metal grey and black ceramic treatment: superstore159


Complete parts list with pricing:

Part #262911 – Arlen Ness Deep Cut Fork Boots Black – $259.95 
Part #S14206 – Arlen Ness Deep Cut Fork Legs – $599.95 
Part #610708 – Deringer Lights – Blk, LED, Amber – $139.95 
Part #771561 – 10 – 1561 Fork Lowering Kit – H/D – $118.95 
Part #218107 – J& M Rokker Speaker Kit 06-11 Road Glide – $349.99 
Part #438908 – 2” Belt Drive Black – $2121.95 – $2272.95 
Part #552586 – Wave Windshield, Short Dark Tint – $116.99 – $143.99 
Part #262830 – Shifter Rod Deep Cut Round Blk – $129.95 
Part #262947 – Grips Soft Touch Smth / Dim Blk – $59.95 
Part #263039 – Scoop Triangle Black, Left – $49.95 
Part #263041 – Scoop Triangle Black, Rt – $49.95 
Part #482551 – Lever Set, Black 08-10 FLT – $35.95
Part #494114 – Glove Box Accents F / Road Glide – $49.99 
Part #211065 – Dakota Digital Dresser Gauge Package Blue LED – $1299.95 
Part #496954 – Nacelle Accents F / Road Glide – $129.99 
Part #670508 – Hawg Halters 4-piston caliper – Up Left Dif Bore – $377.59 
Part #670535 – 4-piston RR Kit FLH, FLT – $551.09 
Ridewright Windmill Wheels – $1125 
JayBrake Radial Forward Controls  – $829.95 
Arlen Ness Scoop Micro Die-Cast Mirrors – $49.95

 Video on the build

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