Beantown Baggers

Why We Ride: Wild Weather & Photos

Last year, during our Iron Butt 1,052 miler from Boston, MA to Knoxville, TN we saw some of the nastiest weather any biker would ever dare stare down.  Only The Axe Murderer, Vanderlei Silva of the formerly Pride Fighting Championship would knowingly seek this out.  Hitting a storm that instantaneously flooded the interstate, causing almost life-ending accidents and one which spun a tornado was enough for us.  But, as the story goes it wasn’t all unsympathetic and at times blasé Mother Nature had in store. Rain gear was worn through 750 of those miles.  We saw enough fender benders for a generation of riding.  Yet to our good fortune, solid planning and preparation – all was good even with the mishap that led one of us to hang a part of the ole Road King, that to this day hangs on The Tree of Shame in Deals Gap.


15 seconds before the storm hit


A radar screenshot of what we’d just ridden through.


Had we known before-hand…


Thanks for letting us know. Would have been great to know 10 minutes ago.


After the storm cleared, flooding subsided, interstate opened up.

The year prior on the run down to Rolling Thunder over Memorial Day – an epic ride, we encountered a storm that had the fire engines roaring past for what felt like the better part of an hour.  Radar allowed us to find subsistence prior to.


We parked our bikes under this strip mall opening


Screenshot from video of storm


Screenshot from video of storm

More recently, coming back from Sturgis we saw thunder clouds out in the desert from afar.  We were led through a small hail storm that went from 90 degrees to under 30 in seconds.  Hands have only one time prior been that frosted and inoperative.


Little did I know, we were riding into a lightening hail storm.


Colorado – entering a cold storm in the Rockies 


We aren’t riding in Tornado Alley, but if you like wild weather, these rides are for you.  Taking cover is not always an option depending on how lax you are with timing, but with preparation you’re covered.  How many instances have you been caught off guard by the rain? Hence, why we all ride baggers that hold the invaluable rain gear. Baggers stoically stare Rain in the face even with her sharp tongue and truck on.  Throw whatever you’ve got at us; we’re prepared.

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