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Twisted Spoke – motorcycle shop

This past weekend we were invited out to Scott Latour’s Twisted Spoke motorcycle shop in Charlton, MA off Rt. 20.  If you’re familiar, Scott’s been part of our White Knuckle 300’s with his Eagle Riders crew and these guys and gals can ride.

At first arrival, off a country road the building is part of an older factory now housing a fight school with a huge parking lot and grassy knoll perfect for BBQ and good times as were being had upon our arrival.  I’m not sure how life gets any better than working on motorcycles and being optioned with a little cage fighting to round out the day. (more below)





Scott’s been actively at this over the last 5 years and remembers vividly not being able to get into his own house as the garage was filled with bikes; hence the need for a bigger spot.  And the proverbial bigger boat he’s got.  This place is huge with one large bay filled with bikes on lifts and another for more storage and their own storefront.  As two other local shops shut down, Latour’s Twisted Spoke answered the call.

DSC_0352DSC_0369When you’re looking for someone to work on your beloved bike, passion is as important as anything as it is an indicator the person doing that work enjoys doing it so much so that they’re likely to think about it less as a job and more a hobby – resulting in quality.  Scott’s been riding since he was 4 years old.  Looking back, he remembers his first ride, a Honda 3-Wheel Atc 90.  When you’re at the shop, ask him to tell you about the bike he’s got with 190,000 miles he put on himself (and only needed a few rebuilds!).

It feels like this place has been around for decades.  Personal affects line the walls with character and seemingly great friends abound causing you to not want to leave; an infectious atmosphere.  And there’s no shortage of amazing bikes vintage and new. Check out all the photos below and the rest on our Flickr page:

To contact Twisted Spoke: or call 508-248-1100


Duo-Glide from the 50’s




1957 emblems put on by Scott (amongst all the motor work on this bagger) – the last of their kind.

DSC_0372 DSC_0313DSC_0294DSC_0302 DSC_0296 DSC_0278 DSC_0277



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