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Norton Commando Tracker | One of the Greatest Motorcycles of All Time


The Commando was introduced to the world in 1967 winning “Machine of the Year” for five straight years and valiantly fought off the Japanese competition during the years ’68 – ’72.  This particular bike was discovered, purchased, reclaimed by Federal Moto out of Edmonton, Alberta.  [More photos below from Silodrome]

Norton-Commando-Tracker-1200x799 (1)

Like seemingly all incredible stories of historic motorcycles rediscovered this one begins on a farm in Rimbey, Alberta.  This 1974 Norton Commando 850 is said to have been hanging on by a thread yet still had a bad attitude – the sign of a tough individual.  By maintaining the original soul of the motorcycle, Federal Moto rebuilt the bike as a surf style tracker.  By capturing the era of the bike they settled on 2×19 inch Coker Diamond Tread Tires.  As with most historic builds, any original parts managed to be salvaged – are.  Same goes for this one.  And, when it comes to needing old and original parts, having a widely stretched network of legends in the art of building motorcycles always helps.  It did here.


The engine is all original minus a new electronic ignition.  The cone exhaust is a 17″ Reverse Megaphone from Modern Motorcycle Company from The Land Down Under.  For lights, four bullet signals and bullet break light with a 5 3/4 in black headlight.  There’s a lot more story to this build.  Enjoy the rest of the photos and picture yourself riding this piece of history.  Norton-Commando-Tracker-Handlebars-1480x986 Norton-Commando-Tracker-Headlight-1480x986 Norton-Commando-Tracker-Rear-1480x986 Norton-Commando-Tracker-Seat-1480x986 Norton-Commando-Tracker-Side-1480x986 Norton-Commando-Tracker-Tail-1480x2220 Norton-Commando-Tracker-Tank-1480x986 Norton-Commando-Tracker-1200x799 (1) Norton-Commando-Tracker-1200x799

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