Beantown Baggers

Short Film: A Line In The Salt | The Greasy Gringo’s 1951 BSA Star Twin Bonneville Racer

From rural Pennsylvania to the Salt Flats of Utah, Dan Daughenbaugh has re-engineered a custom 1951 BSA into a machine capable of world record speed for salt flat racers.  The goal: north of the current 111 mph record.  [Video and tons of photos below] 

bsa_star_twin_3-1200x776bsa_star_twin_1-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_2-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_3-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_4-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_5-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_6-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_7-1480x986 bsa_star_twin_8-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_9-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_10-1480x986 bsa_star_twin_11-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_12-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_13-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_14-1480x957 bsa_star_twin_15-1480x986Photos sourced from Silodrome.


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