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How did you do with your 2014 resolutions?

At this time last year we posted a few resolutions we suggested for 2014. Did you take the challenge? Below we recap some of our successes (or lack thereof) against these resolutions. Alternatively, you may use some of these as resolutions for yourself… just let us know which ones you pick and how you’re getting it done!  Most of these are linked to the stories and videos of 2014 – click like crazy and read some of the adventures! We also highlight a few new ones as we ring in 2015.  [Read More Below]

New years 2015

1. Ride More. If you did 5k miles last year, ride 10k in 2014. In 2014 we started off strong with trips to Australia and across Europe in the Spring but the summer and late fall may have recorded slightly less miles than in previous years.
2. Do a fly and ride this winter (Arizona or California are great options – Florida with the exception of Key West is a terrible choice) There was no better fly and ride than the trip we did to Australia (read about it here). Of course The Alps, Ducati Museum and overall riding through Europe didn’t suck either. If you can get the cash together (we get it, this isn’t easy), you should definitely try some non-US riding – it will be well worth the time and expense.
3. Ride to Daytona in March – bundle up and get your heated gear in advance of this one. We didn’t do this but it was not really high on our list. Did you go? Send photos if you’re heading there in 2015!
4. Ride to the Wall in May – show support for the troops. We did ride to DC this year and we will continue doing this during the Rolling Thunder rally. There is something special about this weekend and the mood in DC is unlike any other rally in the world!
5. Start setting up a trip to Laconia with five of your closest friends. Try to get out of the bars for a day and ride the White Mountains. We not only rode through the White Mountains (as we do every year) but we took the White Knuckle 300 Ride and all of the participants up for the day. This was definitely a highlight of the summer!
6. Ride Cross Country – go alone if nobody will go with you.Well, we didn’t do this in 2014 but will be doing Sturgis in 2015
7. Do an Iron Butt 1,000 and actually send in the receipts for your certificate We did this in 2013 and may attempt the 1,500 in 2015!
8. Finally change out your bags to a set of stretched onesThe Beantown Bagger project was completed and the Yaffe Stretched bags are proudly displayed on this bike!
9. Do the Hoka Hey (only for the truly hardened riders) – late July this year For a while we had planned on riding this but then were a little dismayed about the changes to the format. Maybe this is an excuse but there are little regrets that we didn’t haul ass for thousands of miles without the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings.
10. Ride to Sturgis – stop in Milwaukee at the HD Museum on the waySturgis will happen in 2015. We did get back to the HD museum this year and the exhibits were as incredible as ever!
11. Ride to Ground Zero in September. Is anybody up for a group ride in September 2015?
12. Join Beantown Baggers for one of the White Knuckle 300 Rides. We’ll be doing two this year. – You know if you joined… and moreover if you actually finished.
13. Write an article or take some riding pictures and submit them to Beantown Baggers – we like publishing stuff from our readersThe invitation is still open – we need more contributing writers and want to capture your real riding and camaraderie stories. Send them our way, our editors will make you look like a stud!  Here is a great letter from a reader – click to read.
14. Make the trip to Montreal through Vermont – great roads and fun destination.We did Vermont in the end of 2013 and had to take a break from this trip in 2014. We plan a Great Lakes ride in 2015!
15. Get on a bagger – it will change your life!We think you know the answer to this!

A few additions for 2015:

Take a long trip on your own.  Sit down at a restaurant and eat whatever the waitress suggests, even if  you don’t like it, you may be surprised.  I did this in the Australian Blue Mountains last year and was served Kangaroo.  It was surprisingly good when prepared rare.

Try a $100 ride and see how long you can stretch the $100.  Send us a recap of this day out to share with other readers.

If you aren’t mechanically inclined, pick a single project (no matter how simple it is) and do it yourself.  It could be as simple as changing your battery or as complex as pulling your motor (just don’t blame us if you mess it up).  When you struggle though your project (and many of you will struggle through it), you’ll undoubtedly feel a great sense of achievement.

Improve somebody else’s life while on your bike.  It sounds strange but sometimes we kings of the two wheeled domain don’t get the best reputations.  Stop and change somebody’s tire on the side of the road.  Treat the five kids behind you in line to an ice cream.  Buy a round for the lone Korean War Vet at the end of the bar and listen to his stories… he wants to share.  All of these things will go a long way way to make riding an even more enjoyable experience and will give you stories to share over the coming years!

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